Halloween 2016

Following on from last year, I wanted to print a few more spooky items.

I bought a 1kg reel of 1.75mm glow-in-the-dark filament from ebay seller etang_uk for £11.99 with free shipping.

I then used this to print a couple of Cute hug me Ghosts from Thingiverse:

First I printed one at 100%, then I printed a second one at 155%, so it could wear the Microsoft Witches Hat from Thingiverse, that I printed in black.

Here are my ghosts:

I then decided to print a couple of the Skeletonz from Thingiverse:

Unfortunately, my heated bed was not as level as it might have been and the one on the right ended up with fused leg joints.

These weren’t the easiest of items to remove from the bed either – I ended up using a plastic ruler to swipe sideways against them to detach them form the bed.

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