TCT Show 2016

One of the main items I was wanting to see this year was the new HP printer that uses inkjet technology to print, unfortunately, it seemed that the machine was in pieces and also that I actually knew more about the machine than the HP representatives on the stand!

Here is an interesting Prusa I3 on Josef Prusa’s Prusa3D stand with 4 extruders.

This delta printer had an interesting carriage design

and also used silicone tubing to suspend the extruder motor above the extruder.

The big brother of this printer was huge – you can actually see peoples feet next to it to give you an idea of the size of this thing, no it is not a perspective thing, this printer is actually standing on the floor and it was printing directly from pellets:

The Zortrax superhero and his new bike (in the background), both printed on Zortrax printers.

A prototype STL printer on the RepRapWorld stand

A very interesting printer made from a pair of Ikea tables on the Printtable stand (unfortunately I did not win this printer in their raffle)

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