Prusa i3 Physical Build

I finally started cutting up the shelving boards from Homebase, and contrary to what it says on their website, they are not made of MDF, they are in fact made of chipboard.

I have my own cutting list, which is not quite the same as the one used in the BOM, but based on my own slightly reduced frame size:

6 x 430×110
2 x 430×110
1 x 460×110
1 x 220×220.

Likewise the threaded rods are custom lengths:

2 x M8 x 440
4 x M8 x 180

Smooth rod lengths are the same as for a standard Prusa:

2 x 8 x 420
2 x 8 x 405
2 x 8 x 350

I forgot to take any pictures of cutting or assembling the frame, but did remember to take a few of the main assembly.

Front end of Y frame:

Rear end of Y frame:

Y frame rectangle:

 Y rectangle with build plate attached:

 X Axis:

 X Axis and Z axis attached to frame:

 Almost complete physical build:

I still have to attach the belts for the X and Y Axes, and the threaded rod for the Z Axis.

In all about half an hour to cut the wood, another half hour to assemble the frame, then an hour or two to assemble the rest.

Next step will be to connect up the motors to the Sanguinololu board, and see how well it moves.

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