Prusa i3 Physical Build (part 2)

Made some more progress with the build.

Connected up the belts on the X Axis:

Close up of Motor end, the metal T2 Gear came with the motor:

 Close up of X Carriage:

The Belt is T2 and about 740mm long, it is a continuous belt that came out of a printer I scrapped, you can just about make out the fold in the belt in the middle of the X carriage.

Another salvaged continuous belt, again T2, and again folded in the middle to avoid cutting it.

Z Axis M5 leadscrews installed:

This pretty much completes the physical build.

Power supply mounted to the frame:

This is a 203W XBox 360 power supply, good for 16.5A at 12V, obtained for £5.00 + P&P from Ebay, also came with RGB leads, which I can either use or sell on. This power supply should be more than enough for the heated bed as well as all other electronics.

I dismantled it, then drilled 4 holes through the case to mount it to the frame, then put it back together again in-situ.

You can just make out the other end of the power cable, where I cut off the XBox connector and ferrite core, so I can solder up the various 12V and GND cables.

I also extracted the ferrite core from its plastic molding, so can put that back over the cable to help reduce unwanted interference from the power supply.

I have also started on the wiring for the motors. I have only completed the X, Y and Z motor wiring so far, as well as mounting the Sanguinololu to the frame.

The wire is 6 core alarm flex from Wickes, £9.99 for 50m, this should be enough wire for many, many projects.

I am only actually using 4 cores, and pulling out the other 2, so I can use these elsewhere as required.

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