Delta Robot

Just for giggles, I thought I would have a go at designing a delta robot, I have no idea how stable it would be, or if it would be anywhere near accurate enough to use as a 3D printer, or even a pick and place machine.

I was initially inspired by a couple of designs on Thingiverse, the Yazoo Polybot:

the Yazoo Polybot – Cranberry Edition:

So I came up with the following:
Which after some further tweaking and looking in detail at several commercial items it became the following:
Every time I see one of these, I can’t help thinking about Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds” and the tripod like exo-skeletons used by the alien invaders from Mars:
Anyway, I have no idea if I will even build this, it does not look too expensive to build, EMC supports Kinematic coordinates, I intend to build a bunch of PMinMO TB6560AHQ based Stepper drivers:
I already have all of the parts, and recently placed an order with ITead Studio for some of these boards ($9.99 for 10 boards of less than 5cm x 5cm – Spring Festival discounted price), so the total cost of each board including all of the parts will be £4.35, the cheapest equivalent one I can find on eBay is £12.01.
These drivers with a different set of power resistors (I have 0R22 currently, which will allow 2.27A, I have some 0R15 resistors on order which will allow 3.3A) will be used on my PCB CNC Machine.
A recent addition on Thingiverse is the Rostock:

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