More Parts Printed

I have recently been updating my Sketchup model and printed out a few more of pieces.

First up was a mount for the air solenoid and water inlet/outlet barbs

here with the various items attached, ready to be installed in the frame.

Next I decided I wanted to make use of a sheet of copper clad PCB to mount the relays, steppers and other small circuit boards, so I printed a couple of brackets to hold the PCB in place

here with the actual PCB attached

I also decided that I wanted to make use of a laser module to help with alignment that would drop into place when the lid was open. For this I made use of a design by Daniel Bauen, that had been updated by Ben Jackson and made available on Thingiverse, and then recreated it in Sketchup and then printed this as well.

here is the assembled printed version.

I wanted to make use of Scott Schwarts‘ Arduino control, but I chose to use a Capacative rather than a resistive screen, rotate the panel 90 degrees, and added some extra buttons and status indicators, so had to modify quite a bit of the code.

I also couldn’t persuade Scott’s code, for loading the startup images, to work so I replaced it with the drawBMP call from the Adafruit ImageReader library that was being loaded anyway.

I decided to print the Arduino holder that Scott had designed, however it appears that the hole for the 9v connector is on the wrong face (bottom rather than side).

after a few seconds on the milling machine, I made a cutout on the correct face, rather than re print it.

The Arduino and shields all fit nicely, however I believe the sides may be a bit too tall to allow for the skins on the cutter and also allow for use of the bezel, so I may yet machine these down as well.

Shown here with everything enabled

I have also been designing a rear connector panel for power into the cutter as well as outputs for the water pump, blower, USB and network connections.

This is intended to be a piece of 3mm perspex and I will probably use the cutter itself to cut all of the holes in this panel.

Costs for the various mounts.

Filament Cost Total
Description (mm) (cm3) (£) Qty (£)
AWC807C Lite Bracket 6381.7 15.3 0.239 2 0.477
Laser PSU Bracket 6380.6 15.3 0.239 2 0.477
24V PSU Bracket 7209.5 17.3 0.270 2 0.539
PCB Bracket 4298.0 10.3 0.161 2 0.321
Laser Module Holder 9932.9 23.9 0.371 1 0.371
Laser Module Swivel 1295.8 3.1 0.048 1 0.048
Arduino Holder 18264.9 43.9 0.638 1 0.638
Air Solenoid Bracket 7731.4 18.6 0.289 1 0.289
Total 3.160

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