Birthday Presents

Birthday’s are great when you get to order your own presents from your spouse 😀

So this year I was lucky enough to receive a Copter X Black Angel DFC Flybarless kit from eHirobo.

This also came with an electronics pack including servos, ESC, motor and a CX-3X1000 Flybarless gyro, which I will put in the T-Rex, a separate CX-3X2000 Flybarless gyro for the Black Angel as well as a few other goodies that just happened to add themselves to the order.

My birthday was a few months ago now, yet I have only just assembled the Black Angel, due to work commitments, holidays and fixing up the house.

The kit went together pretty smoothly despite a complete lack of any instructions, I mainly used the images on the eHirobo site for anything I was unsure of. I will dismantle it again and re-assemble using the supplied CA glue and thread lock before connecting up all the servo linkages.

I wrote all the text up to this point back in August, yet never actually published it, mainly because I had not yet taken any pictures.

Since then I have also received some OrangeRX 6 channel receivers from Hobby King for $6.99 (about £3.50 each) I actually bought them from their Netherlands warehouse as the UK warehouse never has them in stock, 4 of these plus some servo wires was only $2.79 (about £1.80) P&P.

I also bought some Turnigy nano-tech 2200mah 3S 25-50C LiPo batteries in a separate order from the Hobby King UK warehouse, as someone had a “buddy code” on the Hobby King forum, that allowed me to buy up to 3 for $11.24 each (about £7.20) instead of the usual $18.19 (about 11.60).

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