My First 450

My next find on ebay was an Align T-Rex 450 Sport, that also came with a Walkera #22/Eagle 50 and some other co-axial toy helicopter, as well as a Walkera 2601 2.4GHz transmitter and a transmitter for the co-axial heli, along with various spares and tools for the 450.

I appreciated from the original wording of the auction, that some parts would need to be replaced to make the Align T-Rex 450 Sport fly.

Purely from a visual inspection, I could see that several parts had been replaces/upgraded, and several others would need the same treatment.

The head has been replaced with a new Align DFC FBL unit, the base of the frame is an aluminium unit from Microheli, as is the battery tray and the anti-rotation guide.

The tail boom holder is an after market Tarot branded aluminium item, and the tail unit itself is a single piece of unknown brand, but not Align or Tarot.

The swashplate is an unbranded item, again neither Align or Tarot, but I think I will replace this with a genuine DFC swashplate from Align.

The tail boom itself is a Tarot 480 item that has seen better days, it has a fairly significant dent, and has been bent just where it exits the boom holder.

The bundle came with a replacement boom with the word Outrage written on it, this boom is also about 15-20mm shorter than the Tarot 480 boom, fitting this was not too arduous, but I am not convinced the belt is the right length for this shortened boom.

One of the canopy mounts has snapped off leaving a small amount of stud protruding, so I decided to have a go at removing it. This ended up requiring almost totally dismantling the helicopter to be able to get to the main shaft bearing holder.

Having removed the stud and during re-assembly I noticed that the main shaft is also bent, this is a full length shaft, not the shorter one designed for use with the DFC head. I have asked the seller to have a look to see if he has the shorter DFC main shaft to send on to me, along with the blades for the Eagle 50 and the pitch gauge that were missing when he delivered the bundle.

The gyro that came with the Align T-Rex 450 Sport is a G210 Heading Lock, which potentially fine for a flybar helicopter, will need replacing in order to run flybarless with the DFC head.

I now have a shopping list of parts to order, after which this bird should be in a fit state to fly.

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