Dreams and Aspirations

I thought I would start another blog about my recent foray into the world of Radio Controlled models.

I have since childhood wanted various radio controlled models, however it has never happened, largely due to cost. Now I have more disposable income available than I did back then, some of those dreams can start to become a reality.

The models I most craved as a child were a Tamiya Sand Scorcher:

Which is now being produced again after many years out of production, and a Bell 47G Helicopter:

One of the best I have seen is the Century Creations one, however, it is no longer sold, so I would be looking at Second Hand or something like a Walkera 4F200LM Lama:

Which, although not quite the same thing is very similar.

Back in the real world, however, I appreciate that both of the Helicopters I have mentioned are very expensive, and I would probably crash them within seconds of trying to fly them.

As such, I have decided to start a bit smaller and a bit more realistic and work up to these larger models. My list of models on my wish list is currently as follows, though it will probably grow:

WKToys V911 or Nine Eagles Solo Pro 260A
E-Flite Blade MCPX or E-Flite Blade Nano CP X
Align T-Rex 450 Sport DFC
CopterX Black Angel FBL

Walkera QR Ladybird
Gaui 300x

AXN Floater Jet
FlyAngel Mini EDF Fighter

Tamiya Sand Scorcher

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